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Lady Bond’s Temple of Tattoo.

A sanctuary supporting the journey of invoking art into the skin. Come, decorate your temple with us.

Tattoos are just one of the many ways we humans decorate our bodies, the personal temples we are housed within.  Brothers and sisters have poked and pushed pigments into the skin of the people for thousands of years.

We believe that the process of the tattoo is an energetic, cyclical relationship. The client expresses their concept, the artist must receive, understand, and interpret the vision, and then bring forth the design in the client's skin.

We encourage clients to meet with an artist for a consultation to discuss and plan the tattoo. Each artist has a unique view and ability with a design or vision so it is important that we pair the right client with the right artist, again making sure that both the artistic vision and relationship energy are aligned.

Come in and meet our artists for your custom tattoo today.


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Open Everyday Noon-8pm  

Lady Bond's Temple of Tattoo

815 Grand Blvd., Vancouver, WA 98661